Atomy in the Netherlands

Atomy is a South Korean online store with natural products at amazing prices: Vitamin C, Shampoo, Anti-Wrinkle, Dark Circle Eliminator, even toothbrushes, and much more. There are over 550 products on their way!

It’s normal not to be familiar with Atomy yet.

It arrived relatively recently, even though it has been in existence since 2009 in South Korea.

This means that we have excellent South Korean products at our disposal that outperform the competition with their high quality at incredible prices!

16 million members worldwide!!!

atomy em portugal por rodolfo barros 2023

Better quality at the lowest price

Always with the motto of Absolute Quality at Absolute Price – Better quality at the lowest possible price.

Imagine an antibacterial brush, sprayed with gold, very gentle, which effectively cleans between teeth and without hurting the gums. How much would this brush cost? Between €9 and €14 according to the competition!

But thanks to its advanced technology and mass production, Atomy can sell this brush for only 1€ !!!

There are many other examples like this!

Watch the video to get to know the antibacterial toothbrush!

Do you want South Korean products?

Do you want to buy South Korean products? You have the answer here!

Here, you’ll find Skincare, Cosmetics, Dermocosmetics, Supplements, Personal Hygiene, Home Care, Food, and many other products that meet your and your family’s needs.

At Atomy, you’ll find the famous South Korean Quality and Precision that the world already knows.

It’s very simple, browse the product catalog and click on “buy,” and my team and I will help you create a customer profile and introduce you to some products that you will receive directly from the factory, without intermediaries!

The famous K-products and K-beauty just a step away!

On the other hand, you can Recommend and Earn!

We all recommend or speak highly of a product when we have a good experience. Consider this:

You go to a “restaurant” where you’re well treated, the food is good, and the price is fair. You’re satisfied, so what do you do?
You recommend the “restaurant” to at least one friend.
Your friend goes to the “restaurant” you recommended and also has a good experience.
Your friend, in turn, recommends the same “restaurant” to his neighbor.
Obviously, that neighbor also ends up going to the “restaurant” and recommends it to his family, and so it continues.

In summary, your recommendation led to at least 2 new customers for the “restaurant.”

Does the restaurant pay you for the profit it made thanks to you???

Atomy pays!

Pode parecer absurdo falar sobre a Atomy, sem revender os produtos que a Atomy disponibiliza.

Só parece absurdo porque não estamos habituados a pensar dessa forma!

Estamos formatados a regras impostas por grandes empresas e fugimos automaticamente quando ouvimos “Marketing Multinível” .

Mas é possível SIM!

Este é o novo conceito que te quero mostrar.

Livre de objetivos obrigatórios impossíveis de alcançar!

Livre de vendas de produtos!

So how do you earn without selling?

There are 2 ways to be in Atomy!


Free registration on the website with the sponsor’s ID.

We choose the product we like the most, pay for it, and receive it at home.

Simple, just like any other online store, but with a difference.

The products stand out for their high quality and also for their lower price for members!


We choose the product we like the most, pay for it, and receive it at home.

After trying, smelling, and experiencing the quality, we can then promote, recommend the brand and products, and get paid for it.

We verify our information with our ID card or passport, add our IBAN so that Atomy can pay us the weekly commissions.

You choose, you have that freedom!

See how Atomy pays!

Smart choice!

We have the power to choose what we buy.

Get to know these high-quality South Korean products at incredible prices!

Alternatives with the utmost quality and prestige.

Especially in this pandemic era we live in, our health and that of our loved ones are crucial, so “prevention is better than cure.”

As if this weren’t enough, we’ve seen prices steadily increasing since the start of the pandemic, which has worsened with the onset of the war.

But prices at Atomy have remained the same for over a year, and we still have buy one get one free campaigns and even more advantageous ones.

Protect yourself, protect your loved ones, and benefit from your smart consumption!

Do you want to be a part of Atomy?

Click on the drop.

I’ll call as soon as possible.

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